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To create the torn skin, first I sketched out the shape I wanted it to be in using an eyeliner. (you can use anything for this step) I then used Trylon Latex Liquid Rubber and placed unrolled Cotton Wool Balls over it before coating the Cotton Wool in Latex as well, making sure the Latex is blending smoothly into your skin.
When the latex has started drying, and it is a tacky consistency you can start moving and shaping the cotton into skin Flaps. It’s important for these steps to work in small sections at a time.

When the Latex has dried use a foundation that matches your skin tone and cover the latex, blending it into your skin before using a translucent powder to set it and take away the shine (I found a loose powder works better on the latex).

Using a black Gel Eyeliner (if you have facepaint this will work a lot better than eyeliner) start to fill in the centre in patches, to make it uneven, adding depth, for this I used Crown Brush Gel Eyeliner – Blackout.

Next, working back into this area use a red water activated face paint and fill in the rest of the area, with a stippling motion (a fluffy brush will work the best for this). Using the same paint I added more water to weaken the paint and worked into the inner parts of the skin folding back. I then used a sponge with it and started creating irritation and bruising around the tear again with a stippling motion.

Then with a denser fluffy brush, I used The Balm Meet Matt(e) Nude Palette – Matt Hung, Matt Garcia, Matt Wood to add more depth into the bruising and irritation.

As I didn’t have any Fake Blood, I used a red lip gloss and worked into the mouth and nose area, this created a burnt flesh look, I then added some of the gloss onto the skin flaps and skin around.



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