– Trylon Latex Liquid Rubber

– Cotton Wool Balls

– Rimmel London Stay Matte Translucent Pressed Powder

– TheBalm, Meet Matt(e) Nude Palette (Matt Hung)

– Maybelline New York, Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner (01 Black)

– Smiffy’s Red Water Activated Paint

To create this look, I first coated my forearm and hand in liquid latex. Once this layer had dried, I added another 2 layers of liquid latex. I then placed out some pieces of cotton wool in random places before coating it in liquid latex and moving it around.

When this layer was dry I went in with some scissors, tearing different sized holes into the latex. I would advise to use a spatula or a pair of tweezers instead of scissors for safety reasons. I then went over the latex using a translucent powder to take away any shine, making it look more realistic.

Using a black gel eyeliner, I went into the holes, focusing on the outer areas of the holes, this will add depth to the holes, making them look deeper and more realistic. Then using the red water activated paint, I worked into the holes again, using less water for this to make the red darker, you can use an alcohol activated paint as well if you’re wearing it for a longer period of time or just going for a pleasant stroll in the rain.

For the skin, I used the same red paint but with more water this time to make the red less intense, I used a sponge and went over all of the skin area using a stippling motion. I kept adding less and more water to create an uneven surface which makes the look more realistic, I mean if you actually put your arm in acid, it’s not going to be completely even and perfect.

Finally to create the irritation at the top of the burn, I continued the stippling motion with the paint, using even more water. I then used a matte, nude purple eyeshadow (Matt Hung from TheBalm, Meet Matt(e) Nude Palette) with a dense fluffy brush, I did a random stippling movement to creating the bruising and irritation.

And there you have it, your very own fake acid burn, perfect for grocery shopping, or to visit your grandparents!

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