– Trylon Latex Liquid Rubber

– Cotton Wool Pad

– Cotton Wool Balls

– Maybelline New York, Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner (01 Black)

– Maybelline New York, Liquid Lipstick (020 Signature Scarlet)

– TheBalm, Meet Matt(e) Nude Palette (Matt Hung, Matt Lombardi)

– Rimmel London, Stay Matte Pressed Powder (Translucent)

– Rimmel London, Wake Me Up Foundation (01 Light Porcelain)

– Smiffy’s Water Activated Paint (Red)

Following on from my Speak No Evil post, I have now done the 2nd part to this series, See No Evil. To create this look, first of all I got a cotton wool pad and covered it in black gel eyeliner. Then I laid out liquid latex around my eye socket, being careful to not get any near my eye before laying the cotton pad down to stick it over my eye.

I then went in with the latex and torn up cotton balls around the cotton pad, coating the cotton wool in latex and moving it around in random patterns. I then looked at it and I felt it didn’t look that realistic with it being just the almost perfect circle and no other tears or swollen areas so I added more cotton wool and latex going up to the hair line, over my nose and down my cheek. This shape worked much better for what I wanted.

Then using the translucent powder I went over all of the latex to get rid of any shine before going over it with my foundation and setting that again with the translucent powder.

Next, using the water activated red paint and a sponge, I started working into the areas around the hole and out into the skin with stippling motions to create the irritation and bruising. To add to the bruising, using the shades, Matt Hung and Matt Lombardi from TheBalm’s Meet Matt(e) Nude Palette, and a dense fluffy brush I worked into the outer areas still using stippling motions.

Finally, I worked into some of the areas with gel eyeliner to make it appear deeper before using the red liquid lipstick as blood adding it into the cotton pad and where the eyeliner is.

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