– Trylon Latex Liquid Rubber

– Cotton Wool Ball

– Smiffy’s, Water Activated Paint (Red)

– Crown Brush, Gel Eyeliner (Blackout)

– TheBalm, Meet Matt(e) Nude Palette (Matt Hung, Matt Lombardi)

– Rimmel London, Wake Me Up Foundation (01 Light Porcelain)

– Rimmel London, Stay Matte Pressed Powder (Translucent)

– Maybelline New York, Liquid Lipstick (020 Signature Scarlet)

The first thing I did when creating this look was put down a large circle of gel eyeliner onto my arm. Then using the liquid latex, I started adding cotton wool around the outer edges of the circle, ensuring to make the shape uneven so it isn’t a perfect circle because lets face it, no bite wound is going to be perfect. I then coated the cotton wool in latex so it was easy to move around a bit more.

Once the liquid latex had dried, using a foundation which matches my skin tone, I went over all of the liquid latex, before setting it with translucent powder which also took away any shine from the latex.

Using the water activated red paint, and a sponge, I went over the skin area, creating the irritation and blood. I then used Matt Hung and Matt Lombardi, from TheBalm’s Meet Matt(e) Nude Palette, using a dense fluffy brush and stippling motions, I worked into the irritated areas more, creating some fresh bruises.

Finally, using the red liquid lipstick, I went over all of the black areas with stippling motions, and then around the main wound. This gave the look of blood, and on top of the black it gives the look of rotting flesh.

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