How To Make Gelatin:


Powder Gelatin

Glycerin (found in supermarkets and chemists)

Microwaveable Container

Lollipop Stick


I poured equal amounts of Gelatin and Glycerin (3 table spoons) into a microwavable container then 4 table spoons of water into the container as well. Then using the lollipop stick I mixed the ingredients together before microwaving it for 12 seconds, the consistency of the middle was still too thick so after mixing it I then put it in for another 12 seconds and it was perfect and ready to use on my skin, I used the lollipop stick again to apply it onto my wrist. Just make sure to check the heat of it so you don’t burn your skin!

I found that using Gelatin was quite easy and it dried faster than latex does, and is stretchy so it allows you to move around if you were to use it on your face. However it does set quite shiny so make sure to use a powder on it to take some of the shine away. I also found that eye shadow didn’t stick to the more built up areas around the cut so next time I would add more blood to it, or I could use some paints instead of eye shadow.

Overall I really like the outcome of using gelatin. I will be recreating this look with more detail to it soon so details on how I did it will be on that post.

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