So I have decided to do another mini series, this one being a bit more controversial, some people may love it, others may get offended by it. My aim is not to offend people of course, but explore new and different ways of using special effects makeup in real life scenarios. So this mini series is going to be a series of looks inspired by the most common suicide methods. The first being jumping off of a building.


– Latex Glove

– Gelatin (if you’re unsure how to make gelatin I have a separate post about it)

– Trylon Latex Liquid Rubber

– Cotton Wool Balls

– Crown Brush, Gel Eyeliner (Blackout)

– Rimmel London, Wake Me Up Foundation (01 Light Porcelain)

-Rimmel London, Stay Matte Pressed Powder (Translucent)

– TheBalm, Meet Matt(e) Nude Palette (Matt Johnson, Matt Hung)

– Fright Nite, Fake Blood

– Smiffy’s, Water Activated Paint (Red)

– A piece of Black cloth.

First of all, I mixed up a lot of Gelatin and poured it into a rubber latex glove while it’s still warm. I then tied the top of the glove, so no gelatin falls out before putting it in the freezer to cool down.

I then used a black gel eyeliner and drew a oval shape for where I wanted the head wound to be before going in with liquid latex and cotton wool around the shape and down the side of her face a bit. When the latex had dried, I used a foundation over the latex to even it out before setting it with a translucent powder.

Using a red water activated paint I then used a sponge with stippling motions I went around the latex and into the skin, creating a base for the bruising and irritation before using the shades, Matt Johnson and Matt Hung from TheBalm’s Meet Matt(e) Nude Palette and a dense fluffy brush to create the bruising. I did this technique up her arms as well before wrapping a piece of black cloth around her hand tying it with a black bobble.

I then took the glove out of the freezer and took the glove off, it leaving the gelatin hand, I must admit it kinda looked more like a penguin foot with fingers, so next time I will work use more gelatin and be more careful with the positioning in the freezer. I then coated the hand in foundation, and created the bruising on it before coating it in fake blood. I then added fake blood around her wrist and into the wounds on her face.

For photographing this piece, to make sure that her hand can’t be seen, I used a dark fabric for her to lay on so the black cloth blends into it and creates the illusion of her hand actually falling off.

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