For this post, I’ve decided to do something a little bit different and do a review for you all. Recently I bought the Morphe Brushes, Gel Liner in the shade Black Slate and I was extremely surprised with how cheap this product was, it being only £7.25 on the Beauty Bay website.

I have not been able to put it down, the first day I got it I used it on both my eyebrows and my eyeliner. This liner goes on so smoothly and you don’t have to pull it around quite a bit like with most gel liners. I applied this with a small detail liner brush and got a perfect, sharp wing. Before it had set I was able to smudge and blend it out on my lower lashline well to create a smokey look which compliments my eyes amazingly.

On my eye the liner stayed in place all day, keeping its pigment and not smudging at all. However, on my eyebrows this was a completely different story. One eyebrow lasted the full day perfectly, however the eyebrow which my fringe was over just smudged on my brow bone by the end of the day. I strongly recommend this product as an eyeliner, however if you have shaved eyebrows like me and you want to use it for your eyebrows, I advise to clip your fringe back and it will stay in place perfectly.

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