– Trylon Liquid Latex

– Tissues

– Cotton Wool Balls

– Morphe Brushes, Gel Liner (Black Slate)

– Urban Decay, Smoked Palette (Blackout)

– Smiffy’s, Water Activated Paint (Red)

– Water Activated Paints – Mixing browns, with some flesh tones and a bit of black

To create this look, I put latex onto a small section of my face then tore off a piece of tissue making sure there was no straight edges and placed it over the top of the latex, scrunching it up a bit to add textures, I then coated it in latex again. I repeated this process over all of my face, to add variation in the textures in some areas I laid cotton down instead of the tissues.

Then using a black gel liner, I darkened around my eyes and on my lips, before setting it and blending it out with a black eyeshadow. When the latex had dried, I went in with the paints starting with the darker shades of brown, after painting them on, I then added more water which made the darker shades sink into the creases to add more dimension and highlight the different textures more. I repeated this with all the different colours, before going back in with a black to contour the face to give a more skeletal structure to the face. Finally I then wrapped a piece of Halloween cloth which I got for £1 at ASDA around my face.

If I was to do this again, I would coat more of my face, I noticed after I took the photos that you can still see some of my skin through the cloth and on the side of my nose.

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