– Trylon, Liquid Latex

– Cotton Wool Balls

– TheBalm Meet Matt(e) Nude Palette (Matt Lombardi, Matt Garcia, Matt Singh)

– Urban Decay, Naked Skin Concealer (Light/Medium)

– Ben Nye, Fresh Scab Blood

– Ben Nye, Stage Blood

First of all using a matte brown eyeshadow, Matt Garcia from TheBalm’s Meet Matt(e) Nude Palette, to map out the shape of the chelsea grin. Using Trylon’s Liquid Latex and a disposable cosmetic sponge I applied a layer along part of the line before placing a piece of cotton wool over the top, I waited a minute for the latex to start to dry before coating the cotton wool in latex again and smoothing it out into the skin, I repeated this process along the full shape. When the latex had dried completely, I used 3 matte neutral shades from the Meet Matt(e) Balm Palette again (Matt Lombardi, Matt Garcia and Matt Singh) this created a dark skin colour. To lighten this up and make it blend better into the skin, I went in with the Urban Decay, Naked Skin Concealer in the shade (Light/Medium). I then added some liquid latex onto the back of the fake flowers before sticking them into the wound, when this had dried I used Ben Nye’s Fresh Scab Blood to fill the wound, it being a thick consistency, it creates the appearance of a deeper wound as well as giving the effect of the blood starting to dry and scab over. Finally for the wound I went in with Ben Nye’s Stage Blood to fill the wound and using a cotton bud I stippled it around the surrounding areas. To finish off the look, I used Ben Nye’s Fresh Scab Blood and Stage blood under the eyes, with a cotton bud using a stippling motion.


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